Hi! I'm Karan Sheth.

I also go by the nicks narak or much earlier, myth_pharaoh.

I'm a software engineer/front end developer with a poor memory who loves technology and everything about the web. I've been coding for a little over 10 years.

I begun my journey with HTML when I got my hands on a WYSIWYG editor from a PC Quest magazine back in school. That was followed by a vacation course in C/C++ and self taught PHP/MySQL, obviously. Armed with this, I bravely webmastered the websites of a few Age of Empires scenario designs clans that grew out of HeavenGames.com, even eventually Angelling on HeavenGames, albeit for a very short time, which I'm thoroughly proud of.

On my first start-up stint I was required to do a lot of quick front-end prototyping, which let me delve in the nitty-gritty of JavaScript/jQuery. I started following the front-end movement, eventually falling in love with JavaScript.

I'm trying, though not very hard, to learn the ways of Linux.

This blog is my attempt to contribute to the community and self evaluate over time.

I have previously worked for Infosys Technologies, a stealth startup that never took off and ZopNow.

I have been working with Idea Device since December 2013.